This is a question we get asked a lot by clients who wish to extend their property. The rules governing the size of any additions you can make to your property without going through the Planning Process were modified significantly in 2008 and again in 2013 making generating the additional space you require much simpler. Below are some facts about permitted development.

  1. Permitted Development Rights are NOT SUBJECTIVE; you have them as a legal right.
  2. You can add an extension to either the side or rear of the property under the rules currently in place.
  3. Neighbours do not have the right to object to Permitted Development.
  4. The Local Planning Department cannot influence your project unless you wish to use materials that differ from that currently used at the property.

Permitted Development is the Planning Permission you already have to extend either your roof space or extend to the rear and side of your property.

At Ask My Architect we will establish your Permitted Development Rights in relation to your property, in most cases you will discover that you can now add that loft conversion with dormer, garden office or home extension without enduring the time constraints, hassle and worry of going through the full householder planning process. We do however encourage all our clients to apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development which simply confirms that the local council agree that the project is within the current guidelines and this can in turn be attached to the legal documents of the property for reference at point of sale.

8 out of 10 of the projects we design for domestic clients qualify for such permitted development rights allowing you to completely avoid the conventional planning procedures. They are completely legal and do not require any consultation with your neighbours or local planners. We often find that you can do more under the rules of Permitted Development than if you had gone down the lengthy route of a full planning application.This is because each individual local authority has differing guidelines that Permitted Development often surpasses.  

Are there any Restrictions to Permitted Development?
In certain cases there are restrictions on a properties Permitted Development Rights, for example with listed properties or homes situated within Designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty or in Conservation Areas.At Ask My Architect we will explore your Permitted Development Rights, and in the vast majority of cases our clients are surprised by just how much freedom they actually have.
If planning permission is needed, we are experts in this area also and can advise which route to follow.

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