Our 4 Step Process


Step 1: Home consultation & Live design session

The first step is for us to visit you in your home. Here we will do a live design session with you, which typically takes 3-4 hours. In this session we get to know each other (over a cup of tea if we’re lucky). Then in a relaxed setting we get to understand the space that you have. We listen to what you want and need from your new project and explore how we can achieve this.

Home consultation

After understanding the spaces you have and carrying out a measured survey we begin the exciting design process. We place a lot of importance on listening to your needs and ideas. Once we’ve fully understood these we then like to share a few of our own. Exploring the different opportunities and possibilities for your home, together we’ll discuss how we can make the most of your space.

As well as our creative input, we’ll also advise you on some of the practical elements too. These include planning approval, building control and party wall agreements, and services such as water, gas and electricity.

Live design session

The second part of the home consultation is the live design session. It’s a magical and exciting part of the process as you watch your project come to life. This will happen as we translate the ideas we’ve discussed together in to fully hand sketched design options.

This is your home so this is a hands-on, collaborative experience where you can comment and input along the way. By combining your feedback with our insights and
expertise, we produce a series of designs for you to keep. Tailored completely
for you. These are great to show your friends and family and use for initial
discussions with potential builders before the next step.

As we begin sketching, our drawing arm really becomes an extension of our clients; they remain fully in control whilst we design around their needs and translate their feedback on to paper, offering our best advice and guidance along the way
Brian MacEntee

Director and Principal Architect, Ask My Architect



Step 2: Planning approval and drawings submission

Once you are happy with the final design, we turn it in to detailed planning drawings. These will be submitted with your planning application.

The planning drawings are there to show how the proposed alterations to your property might change its appearance. And also what impact they will have on its surroundings. We use our expertise to identify and understand the planning considerations attached to your project and build your application around these.

We can submit all plans and applications on your behalf and liaise with the council directly on any questions that arise. As a result, we aim to make life easier and pain-free for you whilst greatly improving the likelihood (and speed) that permission is granted.

On the whole it normally takes between 8-10 weeks to gain approval. But this is always valuable time to research some of the other exciting elements of your project such as fittings and furniture…


Step 3: Building regulations drawings

With planning permission granted, we then produce the building regulations drawings. Touching each aspect of your project, these drawings contain the detail needed to receive Building Control approval. And equally as important, they cover everything your contractor needs to know to build and deliver your new space.

During this process we will:

  • Discuss with you the look and feel you want and advise on which materials are suitable to achieve this
  • Cover any environmental options you are interested in (such as solar heating) and recommend solutions that ensure compliance with building regulations
  • Agree on aspects such as lighting and the number and positioning of electrical sockets, positioning of appliances and general kitchen ergonomics
  • Liaise with structural engineers and other consultants to produce structural calculations
  • Produce a coordinated set of construction information that is essential for generating accurate pricing information and realistic timescales for building.

By including all of the structural and technical elements, these drawings form the essential blueprint of your project.

Find out more about timescales and budget management


Step 4: Contractor Selection & Project Supervision

Selecting the right contractor is very important so we’re on hand to help and advise on this. And if you’d like us to, we can provide you with some of our recommended referrals too.

While the building work is taking place we are here to offer advice and guidance. We’re also happy to act as a sounding board for your queries and ideas, and provide peace of mind where it’s needed. This is a stage of the project when questions often crop up and decisions need to be made. Because of this we are always here to provide our professional opinion.

You can also use our Project Supervision services to check on key specific points throughout the build period. This will ensure the project is being delivered to the standard and timing specified in your approved design and plans.

You can find costs available for all of our services in the fees section. And as our name suggests, please just ask us if you want to find out more about how we can help…

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