Our Fees

Transparent costs from day one

Using our clear cost structure, we agree our fees with you during your consultation and live design session on day one.

We’re different because we calculate our costs based on the project’s size and complexity, rather than percentage of build value. This is because we want to provide the most economical architectural services for our clients.

At this stage we also identify likely costs for other elements of the project including planning, building control and party wall awards. In addition, we’ll advise where external consultants will be required such as structural engineers, interior designers, lighting specialists etc. And if you’d like some help with this we can provide some recommended referrals.

With all the information at hand you are left with a clear idea of both the designs and potential costs to plan your project. In fact, you will have everything you need to start planning your project.


We aim for work to start on your property as soon as 15 weeks from the day of your Ask My Architect home consultation

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