A basement flat conversion with open plan kitchen, dining and living space

West Kensington, London

The Challenge

Basement flats are notoriously lacking in natural light and often provide dark and restricted living experiences. Thus, our challenge was to transform this Victorian basement accommodation in to a modern, spacious and light filled area.

Project Details

Completion: 2016

The Challenge


Almost all of our clients are seeking to gain more natural light. And none more than those who live in basement and lower level accommodation. This project was no exception, and was also our third undertaken on this attractive Victorian street. As such we were very familiar with the opportunities and limitations that these properties afford.

Our client asked us to transform the property in to a light and enjoyable space to live in and so we were quick to act. By studying the orientation and immediate surroundings of the property we developed a concept that would bring as much natural light in to the space as possible.

Our concept is focussed around a contemporary glass box which floods the new kitchen and living area in natural light. This box not only creates a design statement but also blurs the boundary between outside and in. A generous roof light over the kitchen and dining area serves to optimise natural light for food preparation and eating. Then for the living area we have attractive glazed doors leading on to the patio to provide a pleasant outlook.

Further in to the property our plans provided space for bedrooms and a bathroom. Here we gave careful consideration to artificial light to provide a more intimate and exclusive atmosphere. Wooden floorboards separate the kitchen from the hallway whilst bringing a warmth to this inviting flat.

The Challenge


Walk in to this stylish light and bright apartment and you’d be hard put to believe this was formerly a dark and uninviting space. With the contemporary use of glass in the open-plan kitchen you are immediately drawn into the heart of this home. The outside has been brought in and the soft natural shades of the interior complement the generous natural lighting. Now this space is somewhere to enjoy, to entertain and to grow as a family.

“We really wanted to turn our basement flat in to a space that was light and bright. What Brian and his team have done is a total transformation. We love the wow factor from the contemporary glass box and people are amazed when they walk in and see what has been achieved”


Edwin M

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